The She Built It Podcast: Evolving World of Funding - With Liz Federowicz

Corporate associate Liz Federowicz sat down with The She Built It Podcast to discuss what excites her about her career as a startup lawyer and what she sees are drivers of success for the entrepreneurs she advises.

The interview begins with Federowicz discussing her recent move to Santa Monica to help launch Fenwick’s new office.

“We now have over 250 tech and life science clients in the LA area. And we’ve doubled in size,” Federowicz said. “There’s been a lot of activity, a lot of client development work, in addition to just plain doing the legal work. That’s very exciting to me.”

Speaking for the entrepreneurs who listen to The She Built It Podcast, the interviewers asked Federowicz for advice on what founders should focus on in the early stages to get to a level where they attract funding and legal counsel.

Founding teams need to surround themselves with good teammates and good advisors, Federowicz said.

“The people who are smart and diligent at their early hires you see have the long-running success and better track record later,” she said.

Listen to the full interview at The She Built It Podcast.