AI Considerations For Parties In The Creator Economy

By: Vejay Lalla , Adine Mitrani , Zach Harned

Fenwick partner Vejay Lalla and associates Adine Mitrani and Zach Harned co-authored an article exploring how the rise of generative artificial intelligence tools have dramatically altered the creative landscape.

While AI tools have brought with them impressive capabilities to transform content creation, they also give rise to a host of novel legal, regulatory and ethical questions. Many entertainment businesses including music publishers, game studios and traditional news companies, as well as the creators who contribute to these businesses, are grappling with both how best to use AI tools and how to police their rights with respect to others' use of the same tools.

The article focuses on some of the most pressing and complex of these concerns that will need to be navigated by participants in the creator economy.

Read the full article here.