Silicon Valley Venture Capital Survey - Third Quarter 2016

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We analyzed the terms of 149 venture financings closed in the third quarter of 2016 by companies headquartered in Silicon Valley.

Overview of Results

The weakening in venture valuations that began in the second half of 2015 continued in 3Q16, with two of our three valuation metrics declining. Overall the valuation metrics have returned to their 12 year averages after a very strong 2014-2015.

  • Up rounds exceeded down rounds in 3Q16, 71% to 14%, with 15% flat. This was a decline from 2Q16 when up rounds exceeded down rounds 74% to 13%, with 13% flat. This was the fourth straight quarter in which the number of up rounds declined and the lowest percentage of quarterly up rounds since 2Q13.
  • The average price increase of financings in 3Q16 compared to the prior financing round (the “Barometer”) was 52%, an increase from the 40% recorded in 2Q16. This increase was primarily due to two (life science) companies that closed financings with price increases five or more times their prior round. There were no such financings in 2Q16.
  • The median price increase of financings in 3Q16 compared to the prior financing round was 27%, a decline from the 31% recorded in 2Q16. This was the fifth straight quarterly decline and the lowest median price increase since 4Q13.
  • The strongest industry was “Other”, which consists primarily of venture backed food and personal care/fashion companies. Although software was the next strongest industry, its average price increase was the lowest since 3Q10.

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