Technology and Life Sciences IPO Survey – 2017, Full Year

Key Metrics for Recent Technology and Life Sciences Initial Public Offerings

This report analyzes key aspects of initial public offerings (IPOs) for technology and life sciences companies that went public in 2017, with emphasis on data from the second half of the year. Our IPO Survey was developed for clients, friends and others interested in considering the data surrounding recent IPO activity. Downloading the full report will provide you access to a number of tables and charts that offer a graphical view of key parameters as well as a sense of recent trends.

Key Findings:

  • With 65 technology and life sciences IPOs completed in 2017, the volume of offerings has remained below average even as markets have reached new highs.
  • Market activity improved slightly in the second half of the year, with 38 offerings completed in H2 2017, compared to 27 in H1 2017.
  • The average offering proceeds in H2 2017 were $223.5 million for technology companies and $96.3 million for life sciences companies. This compares to $384 million average offering proceeds for technology companies—boosted by the $3 billion Snap IPO—and $75 million for life sciences companies in H1 2017.
  • 2017 deals saw favorable first-day trading, with all technology offerings and 80% of the life sciences offerings closing above their IPO prices.
  • A notable proportion of deals completed in H2 2017 had been filed with the SEC many more months than in prior periods before the offering was completed.