Fenwick & West has a long and proud history of working with companies at the forefront of alternative energy and other cleantech-related technologies.

Our cleantech team helps clients in all areas of renewable energy – biofuels, chemical, electric, solar and wind – to successfully navigate the intellectual property, corporate, tax and litigation challenges faced in today’s highly competitive environment.

In recent years, our Cleantech practice has expanded considerably in order to keep pace with this growing sector. Today, companies, investors and academic/research institutions in all areas of energy consumption, power management, and alternative fuels and materials rely on our attorneys for a wide range of legal services, including:

Why Cleantech Companies Choose Fenwick

We understand the science behind our clients

We have a deeper understand of our clients’ technologies because we hire professionals with advanced technical degrees from Stanford, MIT, Johns Hopkins and other leading academic institutions, as well as post-graduate hands-on industry experience in the areas of chemistry, biology, electrical and mechanical engineering. With this combined legal and technical expertise, you will receive value from the start because you will be working with professionals who truly understand your business and can provide creative and practical guidance to help you achieve your goals.

We are deeply entrenched in the venture community

Fenwick has deep and long-standing relationships with the most active venture capitalists in all technologies and all stages of funding. We know better than almost any other law firm how the venture community works – everything from which investors are specifically interested in your technology and stage of growth, to when it makes sense to remain independent or pursue and IPO or merger. We can also provide you with guidance on business model issues, fundraising strategy and development of quality investor materials suitable for meaningful evaluation.

Our intellectual property professionals help companies at all stages of development

We have been working with rapidly evolving companies at the forefront of innovation for more than four decades. Our seasoned patent professionals provide patent counseling and prosecution services for all sizes of patent portfolios and for dozens of cleantech-related technologies, including cellulosic ethanol, biosynthetic fuel production, carbon fixation technologies, nuclear material management systems, power supply, power control and power management circuits, and software. Our cleantech clients also rely on us to draft and negotiate licensing agreements.

What you Can Expect with Fenwick on Your Team

A group of top legal, technical and scientific minds that understands your business

Because of our combined legal and technical expertise, we will work with you to provide advice that is efficient, relevant and in consideration of your competitive environment. Our attorneys regularly make presentations at industry conferences, particularly on funding trends and intellectual property issues facing emerging cleantech companies, investors and research institutions. They are also actively involved in cleantech industry groups, such as the Apollo Alliance, an organization devoted to creating a sustainable clean energy economy.

A collaborative and fully-integrated team of professionals

Our culture promotes cross-practice collaboration, so whether your needs involve mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, litigation or tax, licensing, antitrust or benefits, our attorneys are committed to working together to make available to you all the necessary resources to address any legal issue.

Access to our extensive network of investors

Whether your funding needs are seed/angel, early or late, we offer a systemized approach to connecting our cleantech clients with the appropriate investors based on stage of development, technology and amount/stage of investment.

A commitment to managing legal costs

We will work diligently with you to provide high quality, yet cost effective legal services. We are always looking for ways to more effectively deliver superior legal and have made substantial investments in cutting-edge tools and processes that enhance efficiency while reducing costs. Additionally, our firm was a pioneer in developing creative alternative fee arrangements and has been recognized in a number of legal publications for our innovation in this area.

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