Digital Collectibles and Blockchain Technology

Hosted By: Fenwick

Digital Collectibles, and the novel ownership and infrastructure models that underlie them, are nothing new to veterans of the blockchain space. However, “mainstreaming” of blockchain applications coupled with the tidal wave of new digital entertainment has brought collectibles technologies to the fore. In the last few months alone, the likes of Dr. Seuss and the NBA have announced the coming release of digital collectibles, aka nifties, indicating increased interest in exploring these new frontiers. Fine art in digital form, powered by blockchain technology, has also emerged as a form of collectible and investment. Come hear from a panel of industry executives and investors as they share views on the current and emerging trends in this space, including:

  • How significant are these recent developments?
  • Are these serious offerings or novelty projects?
  • Will mainstream adoption blunt the cool edge of digital art?
  • Will mass adoption lead to the gaming nirvana of cross-platform compatibility?
  • And what might this all mean for the “real world”?


  • Ian Lee, Managing Director, IDEO CoLab Ventures
  • Elliot Wainman, Crypto YouTuber, FUD TV
  • John Crain, Founder & CEO, SuperRare
  • Alok Vasudev, Co-Founder, Standard Crypto
  • Andrew Klungness, Partner, Fenwick
  • Ryan Straus, Counsel, Fenwick


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