Esports Innovation Summit

Hosted By: Stadia

The second Stadia Esports Innovation Summit will bring together senior esports leaders from some of the biggest brands and properties to discuss the impact of the global pandemic and how the esports industry has evolved and accelerated in a very short time.

Panel #1: Fan Engagement in Esports Today... and Tomorrow

The onset of COVID has presented a double edge sword to the video game and esports industries. On the one hand, game play has increased exponentially because of a locked-down, global population. And on the other hand, it has changed how fans experience esports and the live competitions. Since March, stadiums that once hosted thousands of screaming fans and amazing competitions have been dormant. Where will this take us? How will fans experience their favorite events today…and tomorrow? Fenwick partner Jennifer Stanley will be moderating while you hear from industry leaders who are actively creating the paths for fan engagement.

  • Brent Koning - EA, Group Director & FIFA Commissioner
  • Bill Le Voir-Barry - IBM, CTO of Esports & Video Games
  • Shay Butler - Envy Gaming, VP of Sales & Marketing

Panel #2: Building an Esports Business

The number of startups that focus on esports and video gaming continues to grow. It’s our pleasure to invite a few of these rock star founders (early stage and later stage), along with an investor focused on this space, to speak with the audience about how they look at building their esports businesses. We’ll hear their entrepreneurial / investor journey and war stories, while learning about evolving landscapes, changing customer demographics, and new business models.

  • Malte Barth - BITKRAFT Ventures, Founding General Partner
  • Soham Thacker - Gamerji Esports, Founder & CEO
  • Ked Cole - XR Sports, Founder & CEO


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