Watermark Entrepreneur Conference 2016

Hosted By: Watermark

Have a great idea you'd like to pursue on behalf of your employer – or for a company of your own? Then you've got the entrepreneurial spirit, no doubt about it. I​t's a drive and determination that pushes you to explore your passions, build something from the ground up and truly deliver something wonderful to the world.

Our Watermark Entrepreneur Conference features some of the most inspirational entrepreneurial CEOs we know – many have faced significant challenges, dusted themselves off when they've needed to and started again to achieve stellar success. They'll share their experiences, strategies, lessons learned and what's next on the horizon.

Our half-day event is designed for:

  • Women (and men, too!) who are already running a business
  • Corporate executives working on internal ventures
  • Anyone who wants to transform dreams of a startup into reality