Fenwick Among Top Firms Handling IP Litigation for the Fortune 500

​Fenwick has been ranked a leading law firm handling intellectual property litigation matters for Fortune 500 companies by Corporate Counsel magazine.

Fenwick handled four IP litigation matters for Fortune 500 companies in 2014, the third most to be handled by any United States law firm. Fenwick shares this honor with two other firms who also worked on four litigation matters last year, according to Corporate Counsel analysis.

While a firm more than three times Fenwick’s size secured the first place position with seven IP litigation matters, Corporate Counsel notes that Fenwick’s strength reveals that Fortune 500s often reach out to smaller firms for their IP litigation needs.

“Several of the other top-ranked firms are not nearly as big,” Corporate Counsel reported, comparing the much larger first-place firm to other leading firms like Fenwick, “proving once again that size doesn't always matter.”

The full article is available through the Corporate Counsel website (subscription required).​


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