Fenwick Honored Among Top Patent Firms Nationwide

Mountain View, CA (June 23, 2016)– Fenwick & West announced today that the firm’s patent practice has been recommended nationally in the 2016 issue of IP Media Group’s IAM Patent 1000, a guide to the world’s leading firms and individuals in private practice. IAM Patent 1000 recognized the firm in the highest tier for patent prosecution and transactions nationwide and honored 14 lawyers for their work.

“A laser focus on servicing the diverse needs of life sciences and high-technology patrons defines Fenwick & West, a commercial firm that is part of the very fabric of Silicon Valley,” opens the firm’s profile in the guide. “It has been there every step of the way as several emerging companies have ascended to the top of the social media, business and technology worlds.”

IAM Patent 1000 ranks Fenwick in the first tier nationwide for patent prosecution and transactions in addition to highly recommending the firm for patent transactions in California. Additionally, the guide recommends Fenwick for patent prosecution and recognizes the firm for its patent litigation practice in both California and Washington.

The guide also honored 14 Fenwick lawyers as leaders in their fields – five for patent transactions, five for patent prosecution, three for patent litigation and one nationally for post-grant procedures.

The 2016 rankings echo last year’s rankings, which recognized 13 Fenwick attorneys as leading practitioners and declared the firm “a truly versatile performer in the patent world,” noting that “a spirit of innovation characterizes [Fenwick’s] outlook, so industry trailblazers regularly turn to it to secure cornerstone patents, as well as for strategic guidance.”

The full list of Fenwick lawyers distinguished by IAM Patent 1000 is below. Fenwick’s complete rankings are available through the IAM Patent 1000 website for the United States, California and Washi​ngton.

Patent Transactions

  • Larry Granatelli – “Effortlessly juggles a daunting regimen of commercialization, contentious and procurement work”
  • Jake Handy – “Takes the reins on matters involving the most innovative technology around”
  • David Hayes – “California IP Hall of Famer”
  • Ralph Pais – “Agreements orchestrated by Ralph Pais often come to define industry standards; the former managing partner is also a legal service delivery pioneer and oversees the firm’s unique DMR and FLEX schemes”
  • Stephen Gillespie – “No matter what the deal size, nothing throws him off his game.”

Patent Prosecution

  • Bob Hulse – “Peers call him ‘the oracle of patent law’, while clients laud him as ‘hands down the most innovative, reliable and smartest patent prosecutor.’”
  • Rajiv Patel – “Provides strong leadership to one of the largest patent prosecution groups in California” and “is very insightful and does a good job integrating into the companies he represents – he is pretty much an in-house guy.”
  • Jae Won Song – “Multitalented in a different way; he can litigate as effectively as he can prosecute. He has a particular faculty for display device technology, although anything electrical falls comfortably within his bailiwick.”

Patent Prosecution/Post-Grant Procedures

  • John McNelis – “The versatile veteran knows a great deal about computer software, hardware and business methods, but can step back from patents and demonstrate a deft touch on copyright and trademark matters, too.”

Patent Litigation

  • Mike Sacksteder – “Skippers the litigation group and is an accomplished operator in front of the PTAB. His cases are always followed intently.”
  • David Tellekson – “David is one of the best patent litigators out there. He’s always prepared for any eventuality and he has the kind of personality that judges and juries warm to – his credibility is through the roof."
  • Dave Hadden – “Ace advocate” who possesses “acute understanding of file histories and post-grant implications.”

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