Fenwick’s David Hadden and Antonia Sequeira Rank Among California’s Top 75 IP Lawyers

Fenwick litigation partner David Hadden and intellectual property partner Antonia Sequeira were honored among California’s top 75 IP lawyers for 2019 by the Daily Journal.

Hadden concentrates his successful nationwide trial practice on representing clients in patent and other IP litigation. His growing record of resolving cases by securing summary judgment is a rarity in patent litigation, and his myriad successes at trial, and at the Federal Circuit, have made him the go-to counsel for patent litigation involving complex technologies, ranging from video encoding and streaming to cloud computing and web services.

Sequeira’s patent work has helped advance dozens of truly cutting-edge technologies—from an at-home male fertility kit; a VR kit used by therapists to help patients overcome phobias; and an olfactory device for delivering Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other central nervous system drugs to the upper nasal cavity.

Hadden’s Litigation Successes

Hadden recently argued five Federal Circuit Appeals for clients including Amazon, Intel, Under Armour and Zillow, and won them all.

On behalf of Amazon, Hadden successfully used the Alice test in a Delaware district court to get three patents—directed to a natural language processing technology service—invalidated on the pleadings because they were directed to ineligible subject matter and claimed only abstract ideas. He also won a complete victory for Amazon.com in the Eastern District of Virginia by invalidating eight patents on the pleadings and winning summary judgment on the remaining three.

Sequeira’s IP Portfolio and Strategy Prowess

The Daily Journal highlighted Sequeira’s industry experience in a clinical lab and her genome research background, noting that it was “an advantage in her practice, which focuses on building patent portfolios and developing patent strategies across various technologies.”

“My practice is unique because I focus on multiple areas. My technical background is in bio, but I’ve spent years in software and devices as well,” Sequeira said.

Sequeira and her team also helped develop Facebook’s patent portfolio and manages portions of it, including new features and innovations. She has also built the international patent portfolio for Mynosys Cellular Devices for its FDA-approved Zepto Capsulotomy System, designed to execute highly accurate capsulotomies (a type of eye surgery) during cataract operations.

Hadden also appeared on the Daily Journal’s list of top IP lawyers in 2015 and 2018. Hadden and Sequeira’s full 2019 profiles are available through the Daily Journal (subscription required).​​​​