Fenwick's Voting Rights Initiative Encourages Voters for Midterm Elections

Fenwick’s Voting Rights Initiative aims to engage our Fenwick community in the electoral process through voting and volunteerism. Fenwick is proud of the efforts made by our firm community toward defending voting rights and promoting voter turnout through pro bono and community service activities leading up to and on Election Day. 

As we head into the midterms, we would like to encourage everyone to check out the Election Protection website at 866ourvote.org to find all the information you need to know ahead of the midterm elections. For questions, you can also call the Election Protection Hotline at 866-Our-Vote.

Election Resources

The midterm elections are here. Make a voting plan of action.

  1. Check your voter registration status | click here
  2. Register to vote (if eligible) | click here
  3. Educate yourself on what is on your ballot | click here or click here
  4. Locate your polling-place or mail-in drop box | click here

Encourage Others to Vote

In 2020, the firm launched the Voting Rights Initiative to support nonpartisan efforts to boost voter engagement in the general election. In addition, the firm has encouraged our Fenwick colleagues to participate in volunteer and community service opportunities, including get-out-the-vote letter-writing campaigns, hosting and staffing an Election Protection call center, poll monitor training and support, and supporting nonpartisan organizations working for voter protection, registration and outreach.

For this year's midterm elections, Fenwick is once again engaged in the electoral process by partnering with Vote Forward's letter-writing campaign, where our volunteers wrote 2,158 letters to voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, encouraging them to participate in our democracy. In addition, several Fenwickians are serving as poll workers on Election Day, performing the essential duties needed to ensure everyone's vote is counted.

As is past years, Fenwick is once again hosting an Election Protection hotline in partnership with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights. Fenwick volunteers will assist voters from North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Arizona, ensuring that they are provided with the essential information they need to exercise their right to cast a vote.

Leading up to Election Day, the voting initiative provided eligible voters at Fenwick with information on how to register to vote, apply for mail-in or absentee ballots and locate polling places.