How Fenwick Partners Caught the Tech Wave

​Mimesis Law interviewed start-up and venture capital partner Mark Stevens about Fenwick's focus on technology and how the firm achieved record revenue again last year, making Fenwick's financial performance since 2008 among the best for law firms.

Stevens told Mimesis Law that though Fenwick faces the same challenges and pressures that other law firms face, one of the reasons for Fenwick's success is its focus on doing business like its clients.

"We're looking for ways to bring technology in or innovative business practices into the business of law and deliver more value to our clients," he said.

As a technology law firm, Stevens added that Fenwick's technology focus has helped create a collegial culture with a whole firm of attorneys working to serve the same goal.

"The Fenwick brand stands for somethin​g that's very easy to articulate," he said. "The influencers in the market know exactly who we are and what they get when they get a Fenwick attorney in the room."

In the interview, Stevens also discussed the outlook for the tech industry and his thoughts on up-and-coming niche industries, "hot spots within subsectors of tech," like wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital health, where he says there is "explosive opportunity."​​​​