21st Annual Stanford Digital Economy Best Practices Conference

Hosted By: Stanford Law School

With generative AI, emerging markets, novel business models, and antitrust developments, we’re on a new frontier in the digital economy–and the laws and regulations have yet to catch up. This conference will address current issues facing the industry and offer practical solutions for dealing with the many legal uncertainties that arise when doing business online.

Fenwick antitrust & competition partner Thomas Ensign will participate in a panel titled, "Plenary: Antitrust Best Practices in an Era of Increased Regulation and Litigation." Topics will include:

  • The five things every company should know about antitrust law in 2024
  • Epic v. Apple and Google: Platform openness
  • App store issues
  • U.S. and E.U. trends

Fenwick technology transactions partner Andrew Klungness will speak on a panel titled, "Understanding the Law of Generative AI: From Tumultuous Waters to Safe Navigation." Topics will include:

  • Best practices for protecting and using data, content and information
  • Input and output best practices
  • Litigation roundup
  • Copyright fair use
  • Trade secrets and generative AI
  • Rights of publicity and deep fakes - laws, best practices, and using technologies to unmask altered images
  • Best practices for user indemnification
  • Censored vs. uncensored, and save vs. unsafe AI models

Fenwick privacy & cybersecurity counsel Sari Ratican will be part of a panel titled, "Consumer Health," covering topics including:

  • New state laws, including new private rights of action
  • How to deal with comprehensive - national vs. state-specific laws
  • Trends in BIPA and GIPA litigation and their impact on best practices
  • Actionable recommendation

Fenwick privacy & cybersecurity associate Ana Razmazma will speak on a panel titled, "Consumer Protection," where she and her co-panelists will discuss:

  • Best practices for dealing with noncompete agreements in light of California law and FTC scrutiny
  • FTC regulations
  • FTC privacy, security, and AI policy and enforcement
  • Health advertising
  • State laws (including my health my data)
  • NTIA Children Safety