Delaware Federal Judge Invalidates 3 Digital Assistant Patents in Win for Amazon

The Delaware Business Court Insider, and Law360 reported that a Delaware federal judge invalidated three patents at the center of a series of lawsuits accusing major companies of infringing upon digital assistant technology.

According to the Delaware Business Court Insider, U.S. District Judge Richard G. Andrews of the District of Delaware said the patents’ ”high level of generality” prevented IPA Technologies, a subsidiary of IP firm WiLAN, from claiming infringement by several tech companies, including Judge Andrews noted that the asserted patents drew on existing technology and outlined no inventive concepts to support a finding of validity under U.S. patent law.

The Delaware Business Court Insider reported that the ruling “delivered a setback to IPA Technologies in its campaign targeting the use of personal digital assistant technology.”

Amazon is represented by Fenwick patent litigation partners David Hadden and Saina Shamilov, and associates Todd Gregorian and Ravi Ranganath.

The full articles are available on the Delaware Business Court Insider, and Law360 (subscriptions required).​