COVID-19: Employment, Securities and Tax Considerations for Life Sciences Companies

Partners from Fenwick’s life sciences practice share key developments impacting life sciences companies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moderated by corporate partner Effie Toshav, the discussion encompasses best practices, trends and other insights—related to employment, securities and tax—that life sciences companies should consider during these uncertain times.

Listen to the recording. Topics include:

Introduction – The Evolving Context for Life Sciences Startups: Questions loom about the life sciences industry’s future, including eventual reengagement and adjustment to a new financing environment. – Matt Rossiter (co-chair, life sciences and partner, corporate)

Life Sciences Industry and COVID-19 Regulation: Life sciences and biotech employers face unique challenges as they navigate shelter-in-place orders. – Dan McCoy (chair and partner, employment practices) and Matt Damm (counsel, litigation)

Public Company and FD Guidance: Public life sciences companies must address new investor relations, reporting and compensation considerations as they unfold. – Rob Freedman (co-chair and partner, capital markets and public companies), Liz Gartland (partner, executive compensation and employee benefits), Amanda Rose (partner, corporate) and Scott Spector (partner, executive compensation and employee benefits)

Tax Credits: The CARES Act made several meaningful changes to how companies will be taxed. – Will Skinner (partner, tax)

Closing Remarks and Q&AEffie Toshav (partner, corporate)

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