Andrew Whitehead

Associate, Intellectual Property  

Mountain View 650.335.7160



Andrew Whitehead builds patent portfolios by creating patents that achieve business goals. His applications emphasize writing that is technically rigorous, understandable, and concise, with scope that is as broad or as nuanced as business goals dictate. At the portfolio level, he personally manages all of the matters is he responsible for, guiding portfolio development based on long-term institutional knowledge of both the client’s business and the portfolio scope as a whole. Notably, he has helped developed Airbnb’s patent portfolio from its inception, and is responsible for managing the growth of key aspects of the Twitter patent portfolio.

Andrew’s background in physics allows him to quickly conceptualize and understand all manner of new technology. He has significant experience with both device technology as well as software technology, particularly inventions that leverage mathematical analysis to understand and affect the state of systems: physical, online, or otherwise. He is an expert in writing applications that use data science, specifically machine learning/deep learning, as a tool to achieve an end.

Currently, Andrew is focused on technology that sits at the nexus between traditional biological and medical research and data science. He is a co-founder of a Fenwick working group that is rapidly iterating on how to improve patents written in this space to successfully navigate the shifting, modern legal landscape that has significantly impacted what subject matter is deemed eligible for patenting.​

While attending law school, Andrew worked as a civil law clerk for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California. Prior to attending law school, Andrew worked in physics laboratories at MIT, Stanford, and UCSD, and also briefly worked as a software engineer.