Vikram Iyengar, Ph.D.

Associate, Intellectual Property  

Mountain View 650.335.7140


Vikram Iyengar performs strategic patent counseling and prepares and prosecutes U.S. and international patent applications for clients in machine learning, server architectures, cloud computing, internet security, virtual reality devices, satellite technology, networking technology, integrated circuit design, electronic design automation, semiconductor manufacturing and social media technology. He also conducts patent portfolio analysis and intellectual property due diligence for clients in the life sciences and high technology industries. Vikram combines a deep scientific and technical background with thorough legal analysis to counsel clients in intellectual property matters presenting novel legal challenges that frequently arise from cutting edge emerging technologies.

As part of his practice, Vikram provides support on inter partes reviews and a broad variety of litigation matters to support clients in the high technology and life sciences industries.

During law school, Vikram served as Articles Editor and Lead Editor for the Stanford Technology Law Review. Prior to attending law school, he worked as a senior engineer at IBM Corporation, where he served on IBM’s invention disclosure review board, managing​ invention disclosure meetings and working with outside counsel. He was also a key technical contributor to IBM’s microelectronics business, designing circuits for supercomputers, smartphones and internet routers.

Vikram has served as Chair of an international IEEE conference in integrated circuit design. He is also a recognized inventor, having been awarded 25 United States patents and has had his work published in numerous books, leading peer-reviewed engineering journals, and law reviews.

Pro Bono:

Vikram represents individuals fleeing violence in Central America at the Immigration Court and before the Department of Homeland Security to obtain political asylum for his clients.

Legal Publications:

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Selected ​Scientific Publications:

  • Physically-aware N-detect test, with Y.-T. Lin, O. Poku, R. D. Blanton, P. Nigh and P. Lloyd. IEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design, vol. 31, pp. 308-321, February 2012.
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