Fenwick Team Named Among Top Litigators of the Week by Law.com

A Fenwick patent litigation team was recognized among the top litigators of the week in the runners up and shout outs column by Law.com for securing a massive win for client Amazon.

As reported by Law360 and Bloomberg Law, U.S. District Judge Alan Albright of the Western District of Texas agreed with Amazon’s motion to invalidate five patents asserted by the plaintiff, Broadband iTV. Judge Albright found the plaintiff’s patents covered generic ideas and where thus invalid. 

The Fenwick team included David Hadden, Saina Shamilov, Ravi R. Ranganath, Todd Gregorian, Allen Wang, Geoff Miller, Min Wu, Daniel Rabinowitz, Eric Young, Su Li, Olivia Wheeling and Gregory Sefian.

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